Get username and password from the asterisk gui

Hi, i am doing a project that is to make somthing like gmail for voice mail.
ill have a regular phone that people can call to, to leave and hear messages, and i also want to make a gui in the internet, so that the users can open an account and check the vocie mails from there,
i am trying to get the username and the password from the users.conf but i really dont know where do i need to config the way of getting it from this file, as far as i know the file that the gui of asterisknow is opening to check the password is extension.conf (to get the “admin” and the the “secret”), i would be happy if some one could tell me where do i need to change the files so that it will check user and pass from users.conf, and if some one can send me a code or somthing that i can use to my project i will be more than happy.
thanks in advance

p.s. i am using the asterisknow installation.