Asterisk default password

Is anyone here can help me out? I want to know what is the default password for Asterisk, because until now i can’t use my Agent console and it’s always said that “[color=#FF0000]Cannot start agent login - (internal) getagentstatus: Failed to authenticate to ECCP: Invalid username or password[/color]” i tried to use the password that i got in youtube tutorial but it didn’t work. Please help.

Please kindly see the image below.

Regards and thanks in advance.

There isn’t one. Talk to whoever built your agent console.


Thanks for the reply, is there any command to show all the username and password that related to asterisk and pbx?



I really, really don’t like trying to delve down into Asterisk to support something that someone else made that rides on top of Asterisk. Whoever made the thing should be the one telling you how to use it and answering your questions, rather than someone who knows Asterisk trying to figure out how the third-party thing might be working.

Whatever that is, it smells like something that might be accessing Asterisk’s manager interface (AMI), which is controlled by the manager.conf configuration file, that is typically located in /etc/asterisk.

Good luck, please go contact whoever made the thing you’re trying to use.


Thanks Malcolmd

Note that you are using Elastix and not plain asterisk, asterisk doesn’t have a GUI. That module is the Call Center module for Elastix you need to download the manual to understand the operation of that module, in the other hand as Malcolm said check the manager.conf to retrieve the password. Usually phpagi:phpagi works.

Thanks for those who reply on my topic :smile: