Get number of daily outgoing, incoming and missed call

Dear All,

is there any way to get number of daily outgoing, incoming and missed call by pressing certain keys?
in our old PBX systems (NEC) … we able to get such information by pressing some combination keys …

please advise

Thanks & Regards

In /var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv/Master.csv you wil find that information.

If such a feature existed, it would be part of a GUI, not the core Asterisk. Although one could, in theory, maintain the counts, it would involve significant amounts of custom coding. If you can get the counts into global variables, defining extensions that read them out would be fairly simple application of the SayNumber application. Getting them into the variables would be where all the work was.

Whilst the CDR files contain raw data for such a calculation, you would need to provide code to summarise it, and you should note that CDRs cannot handle complex calls well.