Get Error while asterisk is being loaded on pbx

Hello Support,

I get errors :
“Home1 : Unexpected unconsistency,run fsck manually.
Filesystem errors left uncorrected,aborting"

cant reach Pbxware GUI and SSH

i can only access pbx from shell of pbx (not to GUI and not SSH by port 2020), which commands i need to apply in order to save pbx and fix problem

please help


Just backup any configurations file that you have in your box and try to reinstall.
If not succesfull, put a new hard disk in your box and reinstall asterisk.

You can try to run fsck from the command prompt but backup your files before continuing.
Check this guide … -manually/

Note that the GUI isn’t supported here. If it is Asterisk GUI, it isn’t supported at all. If it is FreePBX, peer support can be obtained from

I tried command fsck

and it worked it fixed all errors

thx for your help