genericForm.processBack() method

Is there an example of what could/should be done in the genericForm.processBack() method? I’ve got a numeric field and this method is getting called whenever the Back soft key is pressed. I didn’t even realize the callback method was available until I got the following error:

genericForm.js:566: TypeError: Object # has no method 'processBack’
TypeError: Object # has no method 'processBack’
at Object.onBack (genericForm.js:566:36)
at Input.onsoftkey4 (native)
at Input. (unknown source)

Is the goal of the “Back” button to go back to the previous screen, if any, or to move backwards (without destructive delete) in the current string? Also, is there a way to turn it off?

Hi mollet,

It’s used when there are multiple forms and you want to return to the previous screen without submitting the current one. If you only have a single level, back should just background / close the app.

There is no way to disable it that I can see.

I’ve added a default handler that will just background the application in the in the repo.

Thanks, Shaun. Might I suggest that it be labeled “cancel” rather than “back?” Since it’s right next to the “delete” soft key, the term “back” can be a bit confusing, at least to me.

Yeah, I can see that. Or maybe at least be configurable?