General Upgrade Advice

We need to replace the hardware that our current SIP server resides on. The hardware is very old and beginning to fail. I have a Dell Precision T3610 with 8 core Intel Xeon 3.7Ghz, 8GB of RAM and 2 NIC cards that I would like to put the new SIP server on. Current SIP Server is Trixbox running Asterisk 1.2.18 on CentOS 4.4, Kernal 2.6.9-34.0.2.EL. We have a Multiline SIP trunk input via Ethernet from our service provider on one NIC, with the other NIC going to a Juniper switch.

The current system is working perfectly for 50+ users(Polycom 430,501,550). What is the easiest way to transfer our current working system to new hardware in as few steps as possible? I am currently responsible for IT, but I did not set this system up, nor do I have very much experience with SIP servers.

Ick. You’re not in a good starting position. Trixbox is dead, Fonality ceased supporting it. And, it sounds like you’re on an older version (1.2-Asterisk based). Honestly, your best path forward might be chucking Trixbox in favor of FreePBX distro, as that’ll give you a familiar user-interface and still have the same basic concepts.

Is your trixbox the CE (free) version? Or is it trixbox Pro (paid version)?

If it is the free version, then I agree with malcolmd - it’s time to find another solution. FreePBX is definitely a good way to go, but there is no migration path - I would recommend setting it up in parallel to the trixbox and then copying all settings - make it look and function exactly like the trixbox and then schedule a cutover when you’re comfortable that it will function the same.

Honestly though, if you’re running 50 users on a free version of trixbox, it may be time to budget for a paid solution - you’ll get good support…especially when there’s a problem or a hardware failure. Lots of great paid options out there now.

If you’re already on the paid version of trixbox Pro, then you can pay Fonality to do a migration for you - costs about $500 bucks or so, but I’m sure that’s contingent on having a valid support contract.