General Easy Asterisk Question

I looked around, and couldn’t find the answer anywhere, so I figured I’d ask here.

I thought that when Asterisk 1.4 came out, it was just a big update from 1.2. Now, on the homepage, they announce that 1.2.15 just came out.

So, this leads me to believe that there are two series going on here…

1.2x and 1.4x

What’s the difference between the two? Am I missing something?


OK, got it! Thanks for explaining that one for me guys! This forum is the best!


i thought you had your answer ???

the 1.2 branch is effectively frozen, and should only be getting bugfixes now … although as there is no “Service Pack” system, we get a new release instead. having said that, some things are being backported from the 1.4 branch if they are deemed to be of significant importance.

1.4 is the “latest and greatest” and lots of new things have made it into the release and continue to do so in the trunk version. but there’s still lots and lots of work going on.

i wouldn’t run a production system eitheron the 1.4.0 release or on 1.4-trunk, but if you want to help development by reporting any problems you find, 1.4-trunk is the way to go.

Thanks for answering that for me. Glad someone finally answered.

So, by this are you saying that 1.4.0 is not stable enough to use in a production system? If so, why isn’t it just called 1.4.0Beta XYZ, etc. When 1.4.0 was released in the end of December 2006, was it not reasonable to assume that it would be stable enough for production use?

I’m dissapointed in 1.4.0:

  1. We agree with your assessment – 1.4.0 is too buggy for use in a production server.

  2. 1.4.0 was missing significant features which were promised by Digium in earlier press releases. Most notably, shared line appearances (i.e. sla.conf).

At my company we are big fans of Asterisk and applaud the work done to date. However, we remain dissapointed and frustrated with 1.4.0

can i just point out here that i don’t work for Digium !!

it was the same with the 1.2 release … anyone who’s been using Asterisk for a while probably won’t be rolling out the latest version until around 1.x.2 !! anyone remember the famous date bug that stopped all calls overnight ?

like all opensource projects, there’s a problem with acceptance if the beta stage is too long, and people don’t test new beta releases. so i can’t blame Digium for releasing 1.4.0, which seems to encourage people to download and use (test) it, but i don’t know anyone using 1.4.0 or trunk in production … there are just too many problems still. SIP hints, DTMF, coredumps … all things you can’t have in a live system.