G729 core show translation

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Is it normal that I no have translation codec which was running and had loaded successfully?
I have a problem with incoming calls, I no have errors or warning but I have two interfaces, one of them local, second is ext. Outgoing calls fine but incoming calls have a problem with speech, caller and callee aren’t hearing each other.
No nat.
Incoming call accepts by sip and forwarding to pjsip (another server 15.6)

This is my question.
If g729 codec no exists in core show translation, can will it call a problem with no voice?

You can advice any solutions with no voice (silence when connection was been established).
Maybe I forgot something

If you don’t have the codec translator installed (and licensed) but specify it in your channel configuration, and iit selected by a peer, the call will only work if both beers support that codec, and you don’t do anything that requires Asterisk to transcode. You will get specific warnings abut no translation path, in that case.

Now that the G.729 patents have expired, it may be possible to find free of charge implementations, but please note that the earlier one claiming to be free of charge had an invalid copyright licence, regardless of the patent issue.
Leaving aside missing translators, the most common causes of no audio are NAT and firewall misconfiguration.