G729 Codec Issue

Hey guys, i’ve got a system running Asterisk CVS-D2005.
Ive got an ata connected to the asterisk system and the asterisk system is routing trafic to a host via sip. However, the asterisk has the host configured for g729 only. Now when i configure the ata as G729 in sip.con and in the ata i get one way audio and if i configure it for PCMU in sip.conf and in the ata i do get audio ok. This surprices me because i do not touch the provider setting whatsoever. Is the asterisk having a problem transcoding? thanks for the help.

do you have codec_g729.so ?

Hi, yes i do have it in

any ideas?

Have you bought a license for g729 transcoding?

what’s the output of “CLI> show translation” and “CLI> show g729” ?

also, then the channel is up, do the second one again.