g729 codec - simultaneous calls


I use asterisk 1.4.11 version for making outbound calls. Running it on linux(fedora core 7) machine. Recently purchased the g729 codec, got it registered with my asterisk box. I have two queries for you to help me.

  1. How do i know when an outbound call is placed that it makes use of the g729 codec.

when i use the command “show g729” i get the following:

0/0 encoders/decoders of 4 licensed channels are currently in use

  1. When i have g729 codec installed on my asterisk box, i cannot make simultaneous calls which i can do if i uninstall it. How can i make simultaneous calls with the codec installed?

Thanks and appreciate your response.

Although this post is old I will give an answer in case someone else has this issue. You set your outbound trunk to only use g729 this will insure you are using g729
If your sip phone supports g729 natively then when you connect to your voip service, make a call, it will show no codex in use because there is not re-sampling to g729 required.
You can confirm you are using g729 with sip show channels from the CLI while you have the call connected.

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