OutCALL not working if using g729 codec ?!


First, please forgive me if that post is not appropriate / not in the correct forum.

  • Asterisk 1.6
  • OutCALL 1.6.0
  • Outlook 2007

I’ve been using OutCALL for months, flawlessly. We were with mISDN until now.

We integrated a SIP trunk today, and as a consequence we removed the mISDN part.

My provider told me that the codec to be used is “G711_G729_2833_20s”.

So I put in my sip.conf, regarding my users :

disallow = all allow = g729

It works great… But it seems that this setting prevents OutCALL from functioning !

The “manager” account (/etc/asterisk/manager.conf) is correctly authenticated, but nothing happens when I try to place a call via OutCALL. Nor Asterisk (the CLI and the log files) nor OutCALL do log / return something.

Should I change the previous snippet to :

disallow = all allow = g729 allow = ulaw

OutCALL now works just as before ! But my call fails (no sound), due to the fact that like I previously told, I can only use the provider’s codec.

I’m not sure to understand what is the relationship between the codec and OutCALL. Plus, nothing is logged nowhere… Could it possibly be a bug ?

Have you ever heard about such an issue ?

I may also be totally wrong ^^

Thanks in advance.


You need a proprietary codec module and suffiient licences before you can do anything with G.729, other than pass it through transparently.

Incidentally, that codec specification is confusing. It means:

G.729, G.711 A-Law or G.711 Mu-Law for voice (so allows for all three);
RFC 2833 for DTMF signalling (set dtmfmode appropriately).

I don’t understand the 20s part.

20s is the packetization (p-time) rate.

Thanks a lot guys. You were right.

I once again asked my provider about the codecs, but he’s not been able to give me a clear answer… All he says is this “G711_G729_2833_20s” thing.

I changed allow=g729 to allow=alaw and it did the trick. I suppose ulaw should be OK too.

Thanks again !