G729 Question

My VoIP provider uses G729 as one of their codecs.

My soft phone has G729 as the only codec in use.

My soft phone that keeps a conference open with my Asterisk box and lives in that channel for the duration of the call.

Calls are then dialed on the Asterisk box and if they are successful, connected to the conference that my soft phone lives in.

Is there any use of transcoding in this situation?

Not also that the only selected codec in the soft phone is G729.

Does pass thru come into play here?

If you don’t have any g729 license installed on your asterisk, then it should be in pass through mode, i.e. your softphone and your Voip provider are using their own g729 codecs.

If you have g729 licenses installed in your Asterisk, then just type in the CLI “show g729” during the call setup. You should see the usage of at least 1 g729 codec if it is transcoding.

If I don’t have any G729 codecs on my Asterisk box, the call isn’t being place.

I get call not accepted.

Does this mean that the soft phone doesn’t do any transcoding?

May I know what specific softphone you are using? and what is the SIP or IAX setting that you have on Asterisk for this softphone?

The Softphone is eyeBeam (counterpath.com/eyebeam-overview.html).

In Options -> Advanced -> Audio Codecs - the only one in the available list is G729.

Problem is that if I have it set like this and try to place a call through the Asterisk box, then I get “Call unacceptable” when I don’t have any G729 codecs registered.

I think I got the issue solved now. Thanks for your assistance.

I added the:-


To the general part of the sip.conf and G729 pass through works. It sent the call straight to the VoIP provider. Call was clear and everything was peachy.