Fxotune problem

I’ve got the TDM400P and I’m trying to get fxotune going. I enter this:

and I get a lot of stuff back. It looks like this:

[quote]Could not fill input buffer
Tuning module 1.Failure!
/dev/zap/2 absent: No such device or address
fxotune: successfully set echo coeffecients on FXO modules[/quote]

I’m not surprised it couldn’t find zap/2 or higher since they don’t exist but it doesn’t seem able to tune my zap/1 channel which is an FXO channel. I look at /etc/fxotune.conf and I see it’s an empty file. Both modules are loaded (zaptel, wctdm) and asterisk is turned off. Any pointers?

If anybody knows why this is happening, I’d really really appreciate help.

What it is in your /etc/zaptel.conf and /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf?
It is logical that your fxotune.conf is empty, because you failed when using fxotune

When I used fxotune I found it very useful to have an analog phone plugged into the line in parallel to the fxo module. This phone has a signal light that flashes when the line is busy. When I start fxotune I see that the line gets picked up for a few seconds, then dropped, then picked up and so on repeatedly for quite a long time, say 5 minutes as fxotune repeatedly picks up the line, dials 4 and then listens, then drops the line. I was surprised at how long it took for fxotune to finish its work.

If you know that you only have one line to test you can go in and edit the fxotune.c appropriately and recompile, otherwise fxotune will try to detect and tune > 200 lines.

If you dial only 4 on your line, does it cancel the dialtone?