Further integrate my asterisk setup with other software

Hello all,
I am a proud Asterisk user, and have had nothing but positive experiences with the stuff.

I own a computer repair shop, and use a custom developed PHP+MySQL script to keep track of my clients, inventory, repairs, etc.

I’m interested in further expanding the software so that I can click on a phone number within my repairshop software (Web based), and have my desk phone ring to me, and when I pick it up, it will ring out to the client whose phone number I clicked.

I’m not sure if this is possible to be done easily, but I’m sure its possible. I’m just curious if this is something a few others have done, or anything like that.



Yes You can, integrate your web system with asterisk using the AMI.

FYI: There is a chapter on AMI in Asterisk: The Definitive Guide and there are some examples on wiki.asterisk.org along with the command reference for the different versions of Asterisk. Have fun!

Hi Aaron,
I have exactly the same request. Did you manage to get this working? Did you find a php script to to this?