Functionality SBC of Asterisk

I’m trying to give SBC functionality to Asterisk, that is to say, that asterisk works an a SBC. (Security, Interoperability, etc)
I’m looking in Internet for the instructions to deploy this functionality but i didn’t find any interesting yet.
Does someone know how to do this or where to find useful information about this topic?

If you mean single board computer, many people run Asteirsk on Raspberry Pi.

If you mean session border controller, I would suggest you want something much more made for purpose, as one of the golden rules of security is to keep it simple and Asterisk is far too complex to meet that requirement.

What type of SBC functionality are you trying to achieve?


I’m trying to give my asterisk sbc (session border controller) functionality, to avoid denial of service attacks, give interoperabily, and give more security to asterisk.
How can i do this?

Seems like you’d be better off using Kamailio @Tito - theres quite a few posts/slidedecks/talks about doing exactly this using Kamailio and Asterisk together :slight_smile: being just one of them

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Thanks for the info.
Is there any way to do it without using Kamailio? I did an overview about it and Kamailio is a little bit complex for what i need.
What are the modules or files to modify in Asterisk to do it?, and how do i perform this solution?
Thanks again

I don’t know of a project that wraps up Asterisk specifically as an SBC product - perhaps you should look for a commercial solution to do so if you’re unsure of how to perform those things with Asterisk.

I’m sure that an SBC-like solution can be built using open source tools such as Asterisk, Kamailio, and such, but it seems like maybe you need something more pre-packaged, at least if I understand where you’re coming from correctly.