Fun with Vizufon

I’ve gotten a pair of Vizufon CIP-5500s working with FWD, mostly to make sure I didn’t have defective products. I also know that Vizufon claims no compatability with Asterisk as of yet.

Regardless, I like making things work with eachother. So far I can get the phones to register against Asterisk with SIP, and they can get INCOMING calls. Where I’m stumped is trying to use them to make OUTGOING calls, even within the PBX to other non-Vizufon phones, not bothering with external lines.

On the server, it complains that the SIP user is not authenticated. With or without Auth ID enabled, it continues to report the same error. It also complains about error 415 “Unsupported Media Type”, however there is no way I can see on the phone’s menu system, to change codecs or anything in the INVITE string.

Just wondering if anyone else is playing around with these and made some headway on placing outbound calls.

  • Alex

Phone works using Asterisk now.

Trick with the phone is that it MANGLES the SIP header by having a newline (\n) right before the password, so when Asterisk sends it a 407, the phone would send a broken reply, and Asterisk would deny any outbound calls, with “User Unauthorized.”

FIX: don’t use a password :frowning:

The SIP extension the phone logs in as, without a password, lets the phone work with Asterisk. Since it is local to my network, I’m not worried about passwordless. And since my PBX can either MAC or IP filter, its still something to keep people from using a free SIP node off my box.

Just putting this out there in case anyone ever blows money on them too :smile: