Freepbx : need to get alphabetical CID on inbound calls

Dear all.

I’m new in asterisk. I’m using Freepbx on Asterisk Ver. 11.22.0.

I’m using my asterisk as an extension of another PABX.
This second asterisk sends an alpha-numerical CallerID, something like ISI:0472424563 or PLU:0514121245

In the PEERS settings, I put trustrpid=yes (“yes” means that your system will look at the Remote Party ID header for the Caller ID on received calls instead of the from: field of the incoming call. If you aren’t getting Caller ID for incoming calls).

Times conditions differs depending on kind of inbound call… Means that time condition is different if it is “ISI” or “PLU”.

How can I manage this with Freepbx ?


You should ask in the forum of the freepbx.

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Thanks !

I will do !

Test the caller ID and act accordingly.

ExecIf($["${CALLERID(NAME):0:3}" = “PLU”]?Playback(tt-monkeys))
ExecIf($["${CALLERID(NAME):0:3}" = “ISI”]?Playback(tt-weasels))

Thanks for replying…

But who do I enter this using Web interface ?


This forum is not appropriate for asking questions about the web interface. You need to ask on although my guess is that the answer is it can’t be done using the GUI alone.

Incidentally, the forum is pointing out that you have already been given the link to the correct place.


Hi David.

I made a mistake in posting again in same place… Sorry for the convenient !