FreePBX Digium Phone Module Custom Ringtone


I am trying to download a custom ringtone into my D50’s but it is not working properly.

I started with a .WAV file and ran the SOX command found here: convert the file to a .sln file. However, I had to remove the -w argument as it is returns invalid for it.

After converted, I upload it to the DPMA module ringtone section. I assign it as the default for a phone and reconfigure the phone.

When I check in the phone, the file I had added is in the list but when I preview it, Nothing plays.

I checked in the web GUI of the phone in the ringtones section and the file I added is only 0.1KB in size. If I upload the original wave file directly to the phone, It registers as 31.5KB and it will play fine.

If I do a Import Raw in Audacity, I can play the file back fine on my computer.

So it seems more like the file is just not getting pushed to the phone.

Does anybody have any suggestions?



A little Update,

When I convert the file to SLN16 I can upload it through the web gui and it will work fine. This same fine uploaded to the DPMA module as a ringtone and set as the default ringtone under the phones config still shows up in the web gui of the phone but with a size of 0.1KB.

So its just not sending the file to the phone.

I dont want to have to upload both new ringtones im trying to add to each phone manually so if somebody knows how to fix this, I would really appreciate it.



This sounds like it could be a bug - can you please contact Digium Support?

They can help you figure out if it is a bug or offer some configuration advice.