FreeBSD 7.0

Any body had luck in compiling * on FreeBSD 7.0. It keeps bumming out at link on some unresolved references.

Submit it on the bug tracker (


Thanks, but I am not sure it is an actual bug. I have compiled it on another machine running 7.0 and than transfered the package. My got feeling is that it is something in the upgrade process 6.3 -> 7.0. Something I did wrong while rebuilding the machine.

What is the error?


Hi guy, i have installes FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE, but when I want to run make command from ports I have this error message.

bsd-laptop# make
===> Vulnerability check disabled, database not found
===> Found saved configuration for asterisk-1.4.17_1
===> Extracting for asterisk-1.4.17_1
=> MD5 Checksum OK for asterisk-1.4.17.tar.gz.
=> SHA256 Checksum OK for asterisk-1.4.17.tar.gz.
===> Patching for asterisk-1.4.17_1
===> Applying extra patch /usr/ports/net/asterisk/files/nocodecnego-patch-Makefile
===> Applying FreeBSD patches for asterisk-1.4.17_1
Ignoring previously applied (or reversed) patch.
1 out of 1 hunks ignored–saving rejects to channels/chan_h323.c.rej
=> Patch patch-channels::chan_h323.c failed to apply cleanly.
=> Patch(es) patch-agi::Makefile patch-apps::app_dial.c patch-channels::Makefile applied cleanly.
*** Error code 1
and this
bsd-laptop# make
===> Patching for asterisk-1.4.17_1
===> Applying extra patch /usr/ports/net/asterisk/files/nocodecnego-patch-Makefile
Ignoring previously applied (or reversed) patch.
8 out of 8 hunks ignored–saving rejects to Makefile.rej
*** Error code 8

i have the same problem when installing asterisk on FreeBSD OS.
help please!

please help, i got same problem

When compilling from source use gmake

installed * on 7.0 from a port, everything went ok, just like as on 6.2-6.3 systems (*-

the comfort of FreeBSD is to use the ports collection and portsnap , portmaster, portaudit are our best friends.

portsnap fetch extract

If you need help with the above ,let me know i have a script that does this automatically .

I have a working Asterisk installation 7.0 with the latest ports tree. :laughing:

Since i am not an expert in Asterisk , but anything with BSD ,just drop me a line .