Asterisk 1.0.9 on FreeBSD 5.4

I’m new to Asterisk and never tried to run it before. I’m trying to install version 1.0.9 on a FreeBSD 5.4
What I got is a list of warning end errors which finish like that:
“Makefile”, line 254: Missing dependency operator
"Makefile", line 255: Could not find .depend
"Makefile", line 256: Need an operator
"Makefile", line 282: Missing dependency operator
"Makefile", line 285: Need an operator
"Makefile", line 287: warning: duplicate script for target “build.h” ignored
"Makefile", line 288: Need an operator
make: fatal errors encountered – cannot continue

Did anybody tried to install * on FreeBSD and ancountered similar problem? Or maybe there is mistake on my side. All help will be appreciated.


Try using “gmake”

Tried this myself but got the following and plenty of errors prior to this:

zaptel.c:2582: warning: 'zt_release' defined but not used zaptel.c:2681: warning: 'zt_timer_ioctl' defined but not used zaptel.c:2730: warning: 'zt_common_ioctl' defined but not used zaptel.c:2989: warning: 'recalc_slaves' defined but not used zaptel.c:3019: warning: 'zt_ctl_ioctl' defined but not used gmake: *** [zaptel.o] Error 1 usr/local/src/zaptel

Any other ideas?


To install Asterisk, you need:

  1. Go to site look for ported application, asterisk.
  2. Download the asterisk.tar.gz file and extract to /usr/ports
  3. Modified /usr/ports/net/asterisk/MakeFile and point the master to
  4. If you have downloaded asterisk-1.0.9.tar.gz put in /usr/ports/distfiles
  5. Run make install in /usr/ports/net/asterisk

Happy Compiling!

Just wanted to say that I installed Asterisk 1.0.9 from ports on a fresh insall of FreeBSD 5.4 without any major issues.

Had to patch the Zaptel drivers to work with my FXS module, but I can now use a normal T200 desk phone.

Now comes all the fun of creating and tweaking a dial plan…