Forwarding voicemail via email using different mail client

I have installed Asterisk on a linux server that does not have Sendmail installed for security reasons. I would like to use the feature of sending email notifications when a voicemail is left. My voicemail.conf file is configured with extensions of the form

=> ,,

I would like to use mutt as the MTA to email the notifications. I modified the mailcmd value in voicemail.conf as follows:


I know mutt is configured properly because I can send and receive mail when accessing the application without asterisk.

When I leave a voicemail on asterisk, no email is sent because it says that no recipient was specified. I thought that the recipient info should be pulled from the email field configured for the extension. When I modify the mailcmd value to specify a recipient as follows:


everything works. However, all voicemail can only be sent to the one address and not to the address specified for the particular extension. Is there a way to configure this so that mutt forwards the email to the address specified for the extension?