Forward sip error code (604) back to peer without translation/mapping

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Following situation
Inbound call to customer
voip carrier => opensips => asterisk => class5 System => pbx

the pbx generates an 603 error that needs to be sent back to opensips/voip carrier.
But the asterisk in between changes the 603 to a 403 error.

voip carrier <= (403) opensips <= (403) asterisk <= (603) class5 System <= (603) pbx

opensips uses just the extension.conf and the sip.conf with a call comming from peer opensips through the dialplan to an other peer (class5).

Is there a way to give back the “original” error code coming from class5/pbx side to the opensips/voice carrier side without translation/mapping inside the asterisk?

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No, internally things are communicated as ISDN cause codes which are not a perfect mapping. There is no ability to forward the SIP response code itself.

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Further to Joshua’s answer, there is no cause code that maps to 603 in either the relevant RFC (RFC 3398), or in at least the chan_sip implementation of the the cause code mapping (I don’t know which part of chan_pjsip to look in for this), so I don’t think there is any way of forcing Asterisk to return 603. chan_sip seems to correctly follow the RFC, in this case, for a back to back conversion from SIP to ISDN and ISDN to SIP.

Asterisk converts 603 to ISDN code 21 and ISDN code 21 to 403.

The mappings for chan_pjsip are in the chan_pjsip.c file[1].

[1] asterisk/chan_pjsip.c at master · asterisk/asterisk · GitHub

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