ASTERISK converting error 603 to error 403

We have observed that ASTERISK is receiving error 603 from Telco Provider with cause code 21. But ASTERISK forwards error 403 to our Dialer where the call was originated.
I’ve seen from rfc3398 that:
If the cause location is ‘user’ then the 6xx code could be given
rather than the 4xx code (i.e., 403 becomes 603).
But this is not clear. Appreciate if anyone can help explain why the error code conversion/translation is happening.

Asterisk doesn’t forward SIP response codes. They get converted into ISDN and then back into SIP. This can result in different SIP response codes. They can also be changed or controlled in the dialplan. You’d need to actually provide SIP traces and Asterisk console output so that we could see the complete flow.

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