Asterisk Configuration - 603 Decline

Hi Support,

I’m running across a 603 Decline calling from Asterisk to a SCCP phone. The 603 error is sent by Asterisk. Can you please help?


pls show your sip.conf and extensions.conf

Thanks for your reply on this. Is there an email address I can send this to you?

I have made more tests to this. I have made some modification on the Dial Rule and now the error is 404 Not Found from the Asterisk. Through a sniffer, I can see that calling outbound from a SIP phone registered to Asterisk, the “To” header is the Asterisk address; for some reason, the Asterisk is not mapping the route correctly.

By the way, sorry for this huge typo of mine. Been struggling to fix this problem; thus, typed in the wrong thing! I’m actually working on SIP, not SCCP.

Thanks again, and looking forward for your email address.

Updates and more information on this…

I can be able to make calls to the SIP phone registered to Asterisk, but I “can not” call out from the SIP phone registered to the Asterisk to another SIP phone that is registered to the CallManager.

Please advice on this. If possible, please provide your email address so I can send you the necessary files.

Hi Expert,

Does anyone had any experience on having Asterisk to forward calls to a gateway? I have tried to create a Dialing Rule on the GUI, but it didn’t work. Please share your experience if you do.


Hi all,

I have made more testing to this. I can be able to made calls using Grandstream’s phone, but not Cisco phone via SIP. Does anyone had any experience relates to this. I’d would be very much appreciated.

Call Flow:

Cisco — INV --> Asterisk

Cisco <-- 404 — Asterisk

Cisco ---- ACK --> Asterisk