Forum Style Sheet Broken: Started...Menu Overlays Text

Some time overnight, the styling for this forum was broken. This menu now overlays the text, as a vertical stack, in all the explicit style sheets:

[quote] * Get StartedWhat is Asterisk and what can I do with it?
* DownloadsDownload Asterisk and related projects
* CommunityHelp, forums, docs, wiki, and more
* ProductsHardware, software, and service extensions

I use an old version ( of Firefox from home, but it was part of Tim Bernard-Lee’s original concept of the web that pages should not require the most sophisticated browser available.

I’ve been forced to use a Windows machine to access the issue tracker, since JIRA was introduced, but it looks like this forum has been "up"graded to similar effect.

I have to turn all styling off to get a readable result.

It’s broken on IE8, as well, but it doesn’t overlay anything important, just the Members and Login options, and the mark everything read option.

Also, the body text font size has been set below my default font size. When I set a default size, it is because that is the size I find comfortable to read. I though 7x5 fonts went out in the 1970s, but the web has re-introduced them.

Hi david55,

We just updated and this forum’s styles. We are looking into your issue. Sorry for the inconvenience! We’ll keep you posted.