Forum mishandles dialplans


Almost every new thread involving the quoting of dialplan in the last few weeks has resulted in garbled dialplan because the forum software deletes many $s and interprets # as markup. Logs also get garbled because of the use of angle brackets.

To me the forum software just is not suitable for its audience.

The only thing that might help, if it is possible is if the forum can be configured to not accept any mark up unless the user opts in.

Obi202 : matching endpoint woes

Im totally agreed with @david551 this is causing issues interpretating the dialplan and it cause some isuess post the dialplan configuration without the $ due to this issue


I feel like this is a semi-recent thing? Maybe there was a version upgrade that broke something?


Should anyone read this thread…the best way (a way) to toss in preformatted text, e.g. dialplan, configs, etc., is to prefix with three backticks, paste your content, and post-fix with three more backticks.

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which will generate:

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