Default handling of angle brackets is causing confusion

The BBS seems to treat things in angle brackets as HTML tags. The result is we are getting a lot of people posting SIP traces that are unusable because URI’s are being lost. People seem to be having problems spotting that this has happened and compensating.

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This is continuing to be a problem. Also #'s are turning comments and directives in configuration files into very large text headings.

#include filename.conf
instead of:

#include filename.conf



instead of:

Contact: <>

This second example doesn’t work even with pre-formatted text, unless one uses it in the character rather than block element mode., with the first attempt being as follows:


In practice nearly every user submitting a log fails to mark it as pre-formatted, and when told to do so, don’t understand what pre-formatted means, or don’t actually correct their inclusion.

In my view, the BBS software is not fit for purpose in the context of a forum for end user problems with Asterisk. The previous forum software did not have this problem.

If it is not possible to replace the software, next best options would be to turn off all formatting, by default, or, as a last resort, a prominent notice about the need to use pre-formatted text, with an explanation of how to do so.


Discourse offers an option to use code fences in lieu of the four space indentation. It’s global, and it’s an either-or. I’ve made the change. Let’s see how it goes. Note now that the pre-formatted button provides an example that fences with three backticks to begin and three to end.


That should make it easier for anyone wanting to paste anything in, provided they start and end their paste w/ 3 backticks. Not every new user will read docs, even if we put a big notice int the welcome message - which I’ve just done.

Going back to PHPBB isn’t an option.