ForkCDR and ResetCDR have limit?

Hy everyone!

I have a problem with Fork and Reset CDR. I would like to use ForkCDR several times but i can’t. Only the first Fork or Reset command set into the Master.csv. The second and third fork or reset cdr don’t do anyrhing. :cry:

I was looking for the solution but I haven’t found anything yet.

These commands (ForkCDR and ResetCDR) have any limits or rules? :question:
Has anyone experience with this CDR problem? :question:

Thank you very much.

I never worked out how to use ForkCDR. I’ve done multiple ResetCDRs without problems.

However, if your dialplan is that complex, you should be using channel event logging, not CDRs.

Thanks for your reply!

I use a little bit complex DialPlan. :unamused:

At first I place the Caller a ConfBridge room and I call a Queue extension into this ConfBridge room and an Agent pick up the Queue call and chatting with the Caller.

If the Agent finished his job He left the party (hangup) and I transfer ( phpagi, Redirect() ) the Caller into an IVR menu. (The conference room destroyed)

In the IVR menu the Caller will be dial a phone number ( phpagi, exec_dial() ).

The Fork and Reset CDR go crazy and the Master.csv records became a little bit uninterpretable.

The mainly problem is that the last Caller Dial missing from the .csv file if the calling is aswered.

You should definitely use channel event logging. It was developed because CDRs do not work for complex cases, and all attempts to fix this broke some other aspect of CDRs.

Thank you david55! :smile: