How to use ForkCDR properly

either I can’t use this command or it has a bug.
when a call comes to Asterisk I set CDR (direction) = in, and the dialplan is further processed, the next step is to ask the caller to enter a phone number, at this point I would like to have a separate CDR record with CDR (direction) = out set.
So before starting the process, I use ForkCDR ® to get two CDR records, the first one for an incoming call and the second one that will be made on behalf of the caller.

Unfortunately, I get two records, but both with direction set to out

I must admit that I never got ForkCDR to work, but that was with an old incarnation.

However, there is no direction field defined for the CDR function, so I can only assume that it is a user field, and therefore will not be interpreted, in any way, by Asterisk.

From my understanding of how ForkCDR is supposed to work, I wouldn’t expect anything to do with called and calling party identities to change.

If you have complex requirements, you should consider using channel event logging.

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