3 CDRs instead of 2 (3rd is "No Answer") V 1.4.24

Dear all,

I just joined this forum to get some help on a CDR issue I am facing. I investigated in this problem for about two days now, but could not solve it yet.

Version: 1.4.24
Asterisk is receiving inbound PSTN calls via SIP (using a SIP provider)
Caller is listening to a menu and get’s connected to an outbound PSTN number via SIP (using a SIP provider). This is working great so far.

Anyway: I am using ForkCDR() to trace the TalkTime on the outbound line. This is my dialplan - pretty simple, because I reduced it to a minimum to reproduce the problem:

exten => callp,1,NoOP(WE ARE CALLING)
exten => callp,n,ForkCDR()
exten => callp,n,Set(CDR(accountcode)=${agentnumber})
exten => callp,n,Dial(SIP/${agentnumber}@PROVIDERHERE,30,Hg)
exten => callp,n,NoOp(DIALSTATUS IS ${DIALSTATUS})
exten => callp,n,Hangup

exten => h,1,Hangup

After both parties had been connected and the call is disconnected the above scenario ends up with 3 (!!!) CDRs all with same UniqueID. Two of them are fine (the inbound and the outbound call). But there is always a third one which already made me scream through the house. It is always there: Disposition is always “No Answer”, no answer time (of course) and durations are 0. What’s that? Is that a zombie or something?

Any help is really, really appreciated. Otherwise I will go crazy…

My configs are all unmodified…

Snippet from Master.csv

28.03.2009 19:00:51;;28.03.2009 19:00:51;0;0;NO ANSWER;1238263216.0
28.03.2009 19:00:16;28.03.2009 19:00:16;28.03.2009 19:00:51;35;35;ANSWERED;1238263216.0
28.03.2009 19:00:33;28.03.2009 19:00:40;28.03.2009 19:00:51;18;11;ANSWERED;1238263216.0

Best, Mark


I am having the same issue. I get the third CDR record. I remember somthing about this last year but did not book mark it because I was not using ForkCDR at the time.

I will update you if I can find the link.

I found the Bug Tracker on this issue. It looks as if they think they fixed it but it is still an issu on build for me.