Force Inbound DIDs to check if Queue Wrap-up time, or go vm

First off I don’t even know if this is possible. I’m using the FreePBX distro 2.10 with Asterisk 10, which of course has it’s own macros and dialplans that cannot be modified, or will be overwritten anytime the Web UI makes a change. But they do include an %configfile%_custom.conf for most/all of the config files to add in custom programming.

So my setup at a high level is this, I have users that have their own DID’s. These users are also members of inbound queues. I’ve set the wrap-up time to 30 seconds, and we have multiple queues. So I’ve set the shared_lastcall=yes in queues_custom.conf.

My question, is there any way to write in my own function or application to check inbound calls to users DIDs against that extension’s queue wrap-up time? (If that makes sense) And force it to behave like a queue call? And honor the queue wrap-up time or be sent to the extension’s unavailable voice mail?

I’ve posted in the FreePBX forums, but they’ve not responded to my pleas for an answer.

I just need to know from an expert, if first off it can be done, and second I need someone to point me in the right direction on how to write something to handle this scenario.

So I am begging :frowning: , any Asterisk expert on this forum that knows applications, dialplans and/or AGI and configs like the back of their hand. Is there some way that what I am asking can be accomplished?