Call Transfer and disable asterisk

Hi Guys,
Im hoping someout here will be able to help me out,
We are currently moving offices and the new office will not be available for a few months, my wife will be playing receptionist while she is at home.
is this possible

Step 1: a call comes in on the SPA FXO port in the office
Step 2: The SPA is connected to the asterisk server and the call is transferred to an extension at the home.
Step 3: the call is answered by reception
Step 4: The call is routed back to the asterisk server
Step 5: The call is transfered from the Asterisk server to the SPA
Step 6: The call is picked up by the SPA FSX post in the offce.

My question is, is it possiblet that once the call is transferred from from the home to the office, that the call becomes like a pstn passhtrough, menaing that there is no further data being transferred from the SPA to the asterisk server, this will cut down on our data and possible problems with connections etc,

i guess long story shot, can i transfer a call then cut the connection at Step 5 and let the SPA handle the call passing Step 1 Straight to Step 6.

I hope this makes sense and my terminology is correct, any help much appreciated


Look at the Transfer() application. Note that this is not particularly resilient, but will probably work reasonably well for pre-answer (302) redirects.