"Feature Codes"

In TrixBox, there are what they call ‘Feature Codes’, such as pressing *65 will play back your extension number.

I don’t see anything in *Now (using the GUI) to do this, so I’m assuming that this could be set up in the config files (that’s why I’m posting this question in this forum).

Are such ‘Feature Codes’ simply Dial ‘strings’? If so, in which config file(s) would they be placed?


Yes, feature codes are simply dial strings, check in features.conf.


Marco Bruni

Thanks Marco. I thought that was the case, but wanted to make sure.

Somewhere else I found an example of generating the ‘time’. I tried that in the features.conf file and it didn’t work. I tried it in the ‘default’ section of the extensions.conf file and that did work.

Can you or anyone else clarify this for me? Should all such ‘features’ be put in the extensions.conf file, or should some be in features.conf, and if so, which ones?