Entering Feature Codes from cell phone via SIP Trunk

I ran across something today and I want to see if I can do more with it. I use a find-me which forwards to my cellphone. I use a sip trunk purchased from blendedtechnology.com to place and receive inbound calls from the PSTN. When an outside call travels through the find-me and I answer on my cell, I can press ## (# key twice) on my cell phone and it places the outside caller on hold and tells me to enter an extension. When I do it forwards the outside caller to the extension I entered. I have ## mapped to the default feature code of in-call blind transfer. *2 also works like this and is mapped to in-call attended transfer.

This was an exciting discovery and I wondered if there are any other feature codes I could do this with or if it only works for the “in-call” feature codes?

Where is this functionality controlled from, I can’t seem to find any documentation on it anywhere?

Thanks in advance for any insight or tips!


You would be surprised at the feature set you can build with Asterisk. For instance I have a couple of quick’n’dirty DISA’s setup so i can make outgoing calls with different outgoing names and numbers. For instance I recieve a call from a friend, whom wants to make an LD call, I can setup an assisted transfer (##) and than stick them with the feature code(e.g. *9) for one of the DISA’s, I could allow them only north american calling(*9 enters into a context that only allows 10-digit dialing). I have a callback setup so I can use asterisk from my cellphone. I can call right into it aswell, but incoming calling is free, So you see the power you can have.

Don’t forget the asterisk(*)symbol means “Anything and Everything” So let your imagination and the rules of the program guide you.