CLI command to display active feature codes on extension

I accidentally activated a feature code on an extension. I think it was a feature code? Anyway, it toggled the BLF for the user on the handset and it would not turn off. This was reflected in all other handsets that were programmed with that user BLF.

I was able to make it go away by deleting the extension, removing the handset from Endpoint Manager, factory defaulting the phone and rebuilding everything. Also, I had to push out the templates to all of the phones.

I was convinced there was an easier way.

Features are system wide not per extension.

If you issue a ‘features show’ command from the CLI it will show you what features you have defined in features.conf

Thank you for clarification. The features are simply an out of the box deployment. The only feature I had defined was a link code to a system recording. In fact, it was while I was recording an IVR announcement when I somehow locked this users BLF on the handset.

This is a feature of FreePBX, the GUI. You might have better luck on their forums and community sites instead.

Probably, I am new to this site and therefore am subject to error such as you describe.

And, how is a feature code that is rooted in the heart of Asterisk a GUI issue exactly? Putty will easily evade your premise.

Asterisk has several built in feature codes that can be executed during a call to perform parking, attended transfers, and blind transfers. There is also the ability to configure arbitrary ones which execute whatever you want - in the case of FreePBX they can configure it to do what they want.

Outside of calls Asterisk has no “built in” feature codes. These are implemented using configuration which FreePBX does. They can also be done on the endpoint itself never reaching Asterisk, some SIP adapters for normal phones do this.

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Putting Mitel, Sangoma, OfficeSuite in the same category I suppose?

FreePBX + Asterisk is more like a PBX if that is what you are referring to. Asterisk standalone is more of a toolkit that can be used to do many different things and has to be configured based on what is needed.

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