Faxing over VOIP via a regular fax machine and ATA T38 adapt

Has anyone tried faxing over VOIP via a regular fax machine and ATA adapter which supports the T38 protocol? Does it work?

Any issues?

I read about it here:
If you want to continue using your old fax machine, and you want to connect to your VoIP phone system, its best to use a VoIP Gateway and an ATA that supports T38. T38 is a protocol designed to allow fax to ‘travel’ over a VoIP network. An example configuration of such a setup can be found here


I have been able to send nad receive fax to and from PSTN in the following fashion

FAX<—>ATA<-----SIP----->VoIP GWY<–PRI/R2/C7–>PSTN

VoIP GWY : Cisco, Quintum, Welltech

I have not been successful if I use Asterisk as my VoIP GWY.

Thanks for that info!