Fax with an ATA?

I have the following setup:

PSTN -> Asterisk -> SIP Phones

I want to add a fax machine to the mix. Can I just use an ATA in front of the FAX. Is there a special codec or mode I need to use. Faxing seems to be more art than science right now with Asterisk.

PSTN -> Asterisk -> ATA -> Fax Machine

Is there a certian ATA I should use?


Must use G.711 (ulaw or alaw). Some report success in this.

I have a Fax machine connected to a Linksys PAP2T that is working well. My TDM400 card has now a FXS module but I didn’t try it yet. BTW, my fax is an old MinoltaFax 1800 with a 9600 modem. From what I’ve read, the new ones are more problematic.
I can’t send faxes using my VoIP provider, only using the PSTN line.

if you need the Gateway (ATA) which can support T.38 fax, please contact me .our YGW31(1 fxs,1wan,lan) ,YGW50(1FXS,1 wan,3 lan),
YGW60(2FXS,1wan,3lan) will staisfy you.


I visited you web site and could not find any information on the models you posted. Couple of questions:

Your ATA devices support:

  1. fax pass through
  2. with Asterisk (1.4?)
  3. using t.38 pass through mode

Do you have an english site with information on the models.


Check the following link forums.digium.com/viewtopic.php? … hlight=fax for an effective implementation of fax with an ATA. Scroll down to the post by drwho. I use it and it works perfectly everytime.