FAX to Email

I recently subscribed to a voip provider and recceived a DID #. Is it possible to use this # for fax in such a way that the system can distinguish between a voice call and a fax call? If it can, then can it send the fax to an email address thus avoiding the purchase of a fax machine?

is it possible ? yes. but you might find yourself in a world of pain ! fax over voip is going to suffer from jitter, and you need to use ulaw/alaw so need to have plenty of bandwidth available.


you need to install SpanDSP and the relevant Asterisk apps (RxFax & TxFax), then setup your fax extensions/context … look at voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+fax for info and help.


Something I am in the plans of doing…

I am using SpanDSP now with fairly good results, but was wondering has anyone done this?

[pri] -> [Asterisk] -> ATA ->[fax server]

The fax server would have like 2-4 fax modems in it connected VIA ATAs to the Voip network.

Then configure the fax server to convert the tiff to PDF and then email out over the ethernet to your mail server…

Not sure if this will work, but im going to try :smile:

I have sendmail configured to provide notifications to my email when there’s a new voice message. When a fax enters my DID, can it receive the fax and send the it directly to my email bypassing the PC fax/fax machine?