Fax g711: first step?

So far I have being able to get incoming and outcoming calls. I am happy with the phone setup.

I have only installed asterisk now, nothing else.

Now first step is to receive fax, then to send.

I have put incoming route as fax detected = yes, SIP, 4. Then destination = ?

I was able to put destination as IVR, and it looks like it worked. So it can detect there is an incoming fax.

Now what do i do? Do I have to create an extension for fax? Do I have to install a modem (I have no fax machine)? Does asterisknow has a modem software embed? Do I have to install Fax for Asterisk (even if my provider only supports g711)?

Sounds like you are using a GUI front end. You need to get support for doing that from the people involved with the GUI. Most likely you want community.freepbx.org/