Fax handling dilemma

Hi All,

We have few Asterisk boxes working nicely.
I have a problem with fax handling in one of our applications.
In this application Asterisk works as a switch receiving calls from an E1
and simply forwarding them to a carrier (using IP) for termination.

The problem is that faxes are not reliable with this setup because Faxes over G711 are not 100% reliable and Asterisk does not support yet T.38.

What I want to do is to be able to route faxes to a carrier through a T1 and confirm the faxes are sent through a TDM route.

The problem is that I cannot tell if an incoming call is a FAX or a std voice call.
I thought to use the Asterisk fax extension, but to my knowledge it works only after I Answer the call.

Any idea if it is possible to detect faxes before Asterisk Answer the call?



Asterisk, just like any other application cannot tell if a call is a fax until it answers it. So we MUST first Answer a call in order to know if it is a fax.