Faxdetect on chan_sip - HELP!

I’m using latest Asterisk - i need to make faxdetection on outbound sip calls.
Is that possible ?
On incoming calls faxdetect works well.
Just to enable faxdetection on sip channel edit sip.conf:

; FAX detection will cause the SIP channel to jump to the 'fax' extension (if it exists) ; based one or more events being detected. The events that can be detected are an incoming ; CNG tone or an incoming T.38 re-INVITE request. ; faxdetect = yes ; Default 'no', 'yes' enables both CNG and T.38 detection ; faxdetect = cng ; Enables only CNG detection ; faxdetect = t38 ; Enables only T.38 detection ; faxdetect = both ; Enables both CNG and T.38 detection (same as 'yes')
But faxdetection on outgoing sip calls not working :frowning:
I tried to use for that purpose NVFaxdetect and NVBackgroundDetect - they are too working only on incoming sip calls.
By the way voip-info.org talks about this voip-info.org/wiki/view/outgoing+fax+detect :frowning:
On chan_dahdi faxdetection works in both ways - but i need that function on chan_sip.

On incoming fax calls Asterisk detects CNG tone 1100 Hz - to detect fax on outbound call it must listen CED tone 2100 Hz.
I think that to enable this feature need to edit source code of asterisk - who can help me ?
Or there is another ways ?

Please help !
Thanks in advance.

I have a similar question, but know never to post here. This forum is seriously the biggest waste of time ever. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a response to a question here.

Bottom line, if you want support, switch to freeswitch. Unless you’re the US Army and have lots of cash, Asterisk will make you rip your hair out if something isn’t working right (which happens almost every day).

This is the wrong forum for support questions!