Failover with different IP for Asterisk server


I’m trying to setup fail-over for ISP but the issue is both ISP have different static IP’s and my DID provider only bind one IP. I was reading about setting it up using DDNS but not sure how to.

Also I was reading its not a recommended solution as its not always stable.

Can anyone guide me if there is any other way to setup fail-over with different IP’s? If not what changes do I have to make in asterisk server?

Ubuntu 14.04.4
Asterisk 11.7.0
using SIP with cisco 7960 IP phones
system is behind NAT

No one uses fail-over?

If the limiting factor is the ITSP only wants to point to one IP, then you should check into a provider of a QOS VPN device - then you can have multiple different ISP’s but to the world you will present a single IP address that the ITSP points to.

We use Bigleaf for this ( - they also have the advantage of enabling QoS on circuits that do not support it - such as DSL.

If your ITSP can set up failover to multiple IP’s then just have a router on each circuit both forwarding traffic to the Asterisk, and then DynDNS will do the trick for determining the external address in use for NAT purposes.