Multiple externip For Load-Balancing and Failover

I would like to know if there is a way to specify more than one externip on * for internet connectivity redundancy, in the sense of load balancing and/or failover. Such that when both internet connections are up asterisk runs on both WAN IP addresses load-balancing calls between both IP addresses, but in the event that one of the internet connections go down * fails over to the single available internet connection until the other internet connection comes back online, since many of us would like to use dual internet connections. If it is currently possible with asterisk how is it done?

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this question was posted the other day : … rnip#37318

i think you’d get a better result from the devs if you posted a message to the -dev mailing lists …

Get a router like the linksys rvo82 (or just about any GOOD cisco)
It has two wan ports for this…

Thanx for your response. I know about that router but each internet connection coming into it has its own WAN/external IP address which one has to enter into *. The issue is; how do I enter both WAN IP addresses into * externip?

bubba: that would not work becuase asterisk tells the phone where to go. I would use round robin dns and set the phone to register often.

yes it works using dns failover

Now this is just a CHEAPO homebrewed way…NOT THE CORRECT way

You would use the dns method
using FQDN and the ip

Is this box not behind a router???
cuz it should be and it would listening on a local IP (192…x.x.x)

[quote=“bubba”]Is this box not behind a router???
cuz it should be and it would listening on a local IP (192…x.x.x)[/quote]
when behind a NAT interface, Asterisk needs to know the IP address it needs to subsitute it’s internal address with in SIP packets to external proxies, UAs, registrars etc. hence externip=. otherwise, trying to register with for example, isn’t going to get very far.

Well I can not speak for SIP as we do not use sip for any but a local lan setup (I forget that folks use that across the net)

We use IAX only acroos the net and it works fine, and I am told that using exterhost=FQDN
fix’s that SIP issue as well, but this I do not know

The solution to this issue is to set a domain name with failover between your primary and secondary IP addresses on DDNS or and your router, then enter the same domain name in externip= on * so that all asterisk has to do is use this domain name regardless of the IP address that it fails to or applied to it on the WAN by DDNS. Asterisk would not even know when a failover happens as long as it just has to resolve to this domain name and not have to worry about what the current IP address is.