Facing 'Your Session has been disabled" in vicidial


I’m using below vicidial
VERSION: 2.14-873a
BUILD: 230204-1642
With below system settings
|Version: |2.14b0.5|
|SVN Version: |3680|
|DB Schema Version: |1676|

One of my agent logged out frequently showing 'Your Session has been disabled…Click here to Reset "

Do note that ViciDial is not part of the Asterisk project, so while it uses Asterisk and there may be users here you may find it better to ask such questions on a ViciDial specific location such as their forum.

“Your session has been disabled” is a very specific message that means that the vicidial_live_agents record for the agent is gone.

Try: mysqlcheck --auto-repair --analyze --all-databases
If you have further issues feel free to email me

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