Agents are disconnecting the session

Hey guys

Agents are disconnecting the session
Asterisk 16 agent logged out chan_sip.c:30164 proc_session_timer: Session-Timer expired

After the error:
WARNING[490921] chan_sip.c: Session-Timer expired - 42f56f963bfb5f53095cxxxx0d7d28@192.168.x.x:5060

VERBOSE[2628175][C-00001150] app_agent_pool.c: Agent ‘XXXX’ logged out. Logged in for 16064 seconds.

The agent goes into the sub-end-agent and hangup extension.
Without any request being made to the logged out.

Has anyone had this problem or have any ideas to help me?

The chan_sip module terminated the call because the session timer expired, meaning it thought the call was dead/had gone away.

Could this be because of some network issue?
I’ve already tried changing session expire to a higher value on phones, but without success.

Could it be? Yes. Without a SIP trace there is no certainty.

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Since it’s an intermittent problem, I haven’t been able to track it yet, I’ll try to get it and post it here.
Thank you for your help!

I don’t believe there’s an error there…
267.73 Minutes!!! Then session expired. NOT during a call I hope. You can try to define/ set config to more time

but I’m going to set this setting where?
Because I have an extension and this extension logs in with an agent. What expires is the connection between the extension and the agent and the agent logs out.
My sip.conf uses session-expires 3600

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Session expires isn’t an absolute limit. It can be, and normally is refreshed.

A symptomatic attack on the problem never solves the real problem, and, in any case, it is very likely that the other side will force the time down to something more sensible, if you set a huge value.

I think it likely that the system encountered a period of network overload long enough that all the retransmissions of the refresh failed. It could be a dynamic rule on a router that timed out, but normally the session timer refreshes would reset this.

The OP, or the agent, could also have a broken ISP that changes IP addresses on the fly.


I thank.
It’s definitely a problem on my network. I’m going to look for what could be happening.

Hello… In my case, I disable sessions-expires and add session-timers=refuse in sip.conf file

After that restart asterisk and monitor if agents still disconnecting or not. You may try this way too, tks

Pada tanggal Sel, 4 Jul 2023 08.05, Rogerio_Santos via Asterisk Community <> menulis:

Could it be something related to the phone model I’m using? In my case a Fanvil X2CP

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