Eyebeam & Xlite voice issues in asterisk server


I have some problem with Softphones.

  1. Using Eyebeam.

Using eyebeam whats my problem is :

when the agent logged in it will enter in to a queue that i’ve created.
in sip.conf i mentioned allow= ulaw and allow=alaw.

But i eyebeam display i saw the codec automatically changed in DVI4 Codec. it was ulaw when the agent logged in. i dont know how itz changed into DVI4. After that there is no sound either mic or headphone. i have changed softphone codec to ulaw and alaw. the remaining codec disabled in eybeam including DVI4.

How can i stop that in my softphone. is there any option in softphone ?

  1. Xlite

Here what happened is if i dial manually through xlite. no mic volume. caller cant hear my voice. but i can hear his voice. i checked using windows recording feature, it’s recording. but i dont know why ?

  1. using Zoiper.

Working fine everything.

ASterisk version : 1.4.30
Dahdi complete : 2.2.1
card : ATCOM telephonic card

Also one problem i found is my client have 300 seats. So they are using cc-boot (like thin-client)))).
Is it because of this.