Externip with DNS and gossiptel

Hi, If this has been posted already somewhere then I am sorry, but I have been searching high and low but cant find the answer.

I have two providers, SIPGate and Gossiptel. SIPGate is working perfectly but I still have trouble with Gossiptel.

Finally I found that if I set ‘externip’ in sip.conf to a numerical IP address, gossiptel works fine, but as I have a dynamic IP address, I use a DynDNS entry.

When I use a DynDNS entry, rather than a numerical IP, I only get one way transmission, outbound.

Does anyone know of a fix for this please?

You’ll have to use your IP address, not domain name. before i set my system up so asterisk isn’t behind NAT, i had a script that would write the “externip=” followed by the IP addres to a file (/etc/asterisk/externip) and then used an include statement in sip.conf:

#include /etc/asterisk/externip

extracting that IP address from somewhere might be tricky, but as you’re already presumably running a script to notify dyndns.org when your ip address changes, you should be able to do it in that. don’t forget, though, that you will also have to run:

asterisk -x sip reload

to get it to read that externip file again when it changes.


Gossiptel aren’t the most reliable of ITSPs! At the moment, my asterisk server is failing to register with them - so they may be having yet another one of their bad days/weeks!

If you think you’ve got everything configured right, maybe you have. It might just start working in a day or two…

Gossiptel’s service had deteriorated to such a point that their forum was starting to get a bit bogged down with complaints a couple of months ago. So what did they do? Fix the problems? No - they pulled the plug on the forum!

Thanks for your help. It seems to register ok, but I will leave it for a little while and see what happens.