A curious situation

Yesterday, Bellsouth upgraded my DSL from 3.0mb/384kb to 6.0mb/512kb and in the process, the dodo’s switched me from my beloved static ip to a dynamic IP. Well in addition to numerous domains that point to that IP, my asterisk would not register with our sip provider (axVoice).

Originally, I had externip set to my static ip and everything was working fine. When bellsouth changed us to dynamic ip and the ip changed, I changed that value to the new ip and it still would not register.

Later that day, bellsouth fixed the problem by giving us back our original static ip, I then switched “externip” back to that IP and all was working again.

I emailed my sip provider about it asked if they had us locked into a certain IP and they responded:

[quote]“We do not restrict customers to one IP or MAC address. We have open access.
Your account is registered from the IP “” which obviously is your LAN address.”[/quote]

Well, if that’s the case then I am still a bit lost in understanding asterisk because I don’t have the internal LAN IP address entered in any config. That tech was correct in that it is the correct internal IP address of our asterisk server on our lan, so I assume that asterisk is somehow transmitting it’s local IP in the handshake during registration?

Just a bit confused here.