STUN in *

I am configuring the * behind a router, (nat) and to make outbound calls i need to set the external ip and internal ip in sip.conf.
but the public ip address is dynamic and i don’t want the idea to change its value everytime it changes…

What about STUN?

HOW CAN I SET A STUN in the asterisk?

how about externhost= instead ? coupled with externrefresh= maybe ?

to add to that- the way you’d do it is get some kind of dynamic IP service like dyndns or noip. They give you a dns name ( for example) and a software program that updates it every time your external IP changes. you then set that host as externhost= and externrefresh= controls how often it’s checked.

Ok, i will try it. But it would be very good if asterisk could use a stun server instead, on future versions.

Thanks a lot!

I use dyndns dynamic dns and ddclient on my asterisk server. works great all the time. I have any clients on the outside configured to go to “” which is statically routed to my 2611 which routes anything to that IP directly to my asterisk… havent had any issues with NAT since.

baconbuttie you are a bloody genius…i just want to say that!!!