External IVR

I’m attempting to have part of my dialplan be asynchronous by using ExternalIVR(). To my understanding, this forks a child process that can stream files etc without blocking.

However, this is actually blocking my dialplan until the child process dies. Is this the intended behavior? How can I run asynchronous commands? I posted a link to the reference I’ve been using. Thanks


Based on that description, I would expect the application to run until the caller hangs up.

That’s what I thought. There isn’t much info on it. Maybe it isn’t working very well.

I meant the Asterisk application, ExternIVR. I would not expect the dialplan to continue with the next priority.

Oh maybe I am misunderstanding the documentation. Any thoughts on asynchronous dialplan?

Can you explain what you are trying todo, not just say an “asynchronous dialplan” what is it you are trying to do with calls that cant be acheived?